Bush’s 3rd Term

During the 2008 presidential election, the mural artist Chico painted a mural on the wall of an RCN switching station on Avenue C at 5th Street. On one side was the evil John McCain, looming menacingly over the globe, flanked by a soldier to the right and a spouting oil well to the left: war, subservience to the oil industry, and environmental degradation were in store if you voted for McCain. On the other side of the mural was a profile of a smiling Barack Obama, his right arm raised, an enormous American flag waving in the background, and faceless silhouettes dancing and holding signs reading “Yes We Can!” and “Si Sé Puede!”

Well, to paraphrase The Clash: Phony Obamania has bitten the dust.

Obama has increased the number of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, invaded Pakistan with unmanned drones, and is threatening war against Iran. He has maintained the torture gulag at Guantanamo and in an effort to subvert a Supreme Court ruling guaranteeing detainees their rights of habeas corpus, has started moving people to Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan. Recently, he approved the CIA killing of U.S. citizens.

He oversaw the toppling of the democratically-elected government of Honduras and today his administration meddles in Nicaragua.

Then there’s the bailout of billionaire Wall Street executives, the abandonment of the people who lost their homes and jobs, secret meetings with the executives of the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries to write his health care reform bill, and recently the proposed expansion of off-shore oil drilling.

I could go on…

Today, advertising covers the words “America Made The Right Choice” and the throng of faceless supporters has been whitewashed over. Change you can believe in.


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