Bush’s 3rd Term, Updated

Less than a week after I posted Bush’s 3rd Term, the white poster-board that had been affixed to the wall of the RCN building, blocking part of the Obama mural, was removed. Maybe people in the neighborhood resented their faceless representations being covered by an ad-less ad board? Maybe the local Democratic Party wanted to reiterate to residents that they did indeed choose the right person in 2008, and not someone who was merely a more articulate version of George Bush. Who knows?

Unrelated to this change, however: for Owen’s birthday this year, instead of the ever-larger-pool-in-the-backyard party we’ve had for him since he was two, we organized a scavenger hunt. The kids were too big as it was for the pool last year; there was no way they would have fit into anything small enough to fit in our concrete backyard this year. And I didn’t want to spend the money for another one again. Owen suggested having the party at Jacob Riis beach and I thought it was a great idea, but Rita didn’t. Rita suggested a scavenger hunt, which I was hesitant about at first, but she convinced me.

Anyway, one of the questions the kids had to answer was “Who is the picture of in Chico’s mural that says “Goodbye”, with an X over his face?” Most kids answered “John McCain” but the Orange team leader wrote “George Bush” even though the kids all said McCain. Despite this, the Orange team won (although the more I looked at the answers the more I questioned whether it was a legitimate victory — as victories go, I’d place it just above the Florida ballot count of 2000 in suspiciousness!)

Maybe “Bush” should have been the right answer! Maybe it is Bush. It would certainly make more sense to say Goodbye to Bush than to McCain. And the soldiers and gushing oil wells were more associated with Bush than with McCain. Never mind that today they are even more associated with Obama! Hence the title Bush’s 3rd Term.

So is it Bush or McCain?


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