Another Closed Store on Avenue A

This isn’t a new photograph. This store has been closed for at least a couple of months now. And I’ve taken lots of pictures of it, but I don’t really like any of them, this one included.

The store was called Graceland. It was on the corner of Avenue A and East 2nd Street. It opened some time after another store just up from it (which is still open) called Gracefully. I guess they thought with the similar name they could confuse people who were looking for Gracefully into coming into their store instead. (They should have named it MacDonald’s!)

One Saturday morning I was walking westwards with Owen on East 2nd Street, approaching this corner. There was yellow Caution tape attached to parking signs along the curb from a point twenty feet or so down 2nd Street, wrapping around the corner, northwards up Avenue A. I said to Owen, “I wonder why that’s up?”

Just then a 10-foot or so metal ladder fell from the Avenue A side, crashing onto the sidewalk. Luckily, no one was standing on it when it fell, and it didn’t hit anyone. A worker from the Avenue A side came to pick up the ladder. I said to him “I was just wondering why this tape was up. Now I know!” He was Chinese and might not have understood me well, if at all. Or he might have understood me perfectly and chose to scowl instead of responding.

Owen and I continued on our way.

This store had just closed around that time and they looked as if they were working on the storefront of what would replace it, but all this time later nothing has replaced it. I would expect it to be another branch of Chase bank, but there already is one across the street. Still, you can’t have too many Chase branches. And judging by discussion on EV Grieve, that’s exactly what they’re contemplating.


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