Flushing The Pool

One morning last week I was walking beside the FDR Drive and saw ahead of me water gushing out of the area beside the Asser Levy kids’ pool. There was no way I could pass without being completely drenched. There were two people working inside the area so I jumped up onto the wall and called to the nearest one. “Could you turn that thing off?” I said. He looked slightly perturbed, in that way so many people do if you ask them to do anything, and turned the direction of the pump back inside the pool. There was too much water on the sidewalk for me to pass so I stayed up on the ledge of the wall and made my way along, grabbing bars with one hand (in the other hand was my bag) to keep from falling, until I passed the water. I jumped back down and continued on my way and he turned the pump back out onto the sidewalk. That’s when I took this picture.


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