I took this picture when I was at lunch a couple of weeks ago, on Second Avenue and 50th Street. I make sure to go out for lunch at this new job I have. I make sure to go out for lunch at every job now. When I was making more money I used to work straight through lunch. I would run down to the deli, pick up some turkey and mashed potatoes, or chicken parmesan and ziti, in one of those aluminum dishes with a plastic lid, and run back upstairs.

OK, not run exactly. I would walk. Then I would eat at my desk and keep working. Or not work. But I would sit there in front of the computer and eat.

But that’s when I was making more money. There is a point when you are making so much less that not working the extra hour doesn’t make much of a difference, money-wise. It makes a big difference in breaking up the day though.

Anyway, I walked up Second Avenue taking pictures of buildings mostly, when I saw these pigeons sitting on the fire escape.

So, the moral of this story is: always go out at lunch. Don’t spend your entire day at work. They’re going to let you go anyway.


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