The Streets of New York

There are many places in New York that don’t feel like New York, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Places like the Cloisters Museum at Fort Tryon Park, or Staten Island.

This street not only does not feel like New York, it doesn’t feel like anywhere. This is East 35th Street, between First Avenue and the FDR. I’ve taken a few photos of these streets in the 30s towards the river as I walk to work in the morning. There is almost no one on the sidewalk on my way, and almost no traffic, at least in some places. This evening I mapped my walk and discovered that I can probably walk up the East River to 42nd Street, just below the United Nations building. Then I’ll take pictures of these same streets, looking towards First Avenue instead of towards the river.

First Avenue might not be as interesting a backdrop, but I suppose it will look like New York. Whatever that means.


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