East River Esplanade Park

In my last post I said I would walk over at lunch time to the East River Esplanade Park entrance at 37th Street to take more photos. I have not done this because there is no reason to. Since I started walking along the river I find myself exiting at exactly this point, so all I have to do is take photos along the way, and I can save myself the walk in the hot, humid afternoon.

This area is not so special. (If it were special, it would not be tagged Mundane.) I have a few more photos to post of this walk, and then I’ll be done.

Today, as you can see, I was behind someone on a bike, who turned her head just as I took the photo. At the time, I thought she was looking behind her. After zooming in on the photo later though I realized she wasn’t. She was probably just looking to see if any traffic was approaching from the left. Out of habit, no doubt, since this is an exit from a highway, not a regular city street. Still, better safe than sorry.


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