Shooting From The Hip

Sometimes I take pictures of people with my camera down by my side, clandestinely, so to speak. Shooting from the hip, as it were.

I’ve never felt comfortable taking pictures of people without their permission. I would never make a good photo-journalist. At least not one who takes pictures of people living on the street, or blown up by a bomb. It seems like such an invasion.

But because I’ve been taking more pictures of things in general (though I try to wait until all people are out of the shot), recently I’ve started to lose my compunction about taking pictures of people. I’m not so brazen as to do it when it’s obvious (to them) that they’re the subject — at this point I take photos of larger areas and zoom in on them later, or do it furtively, as I mentioned.

This is one of those hip shots. These two were standing on the corner of The Bowery and 6th Street tonight as I walked by. I don’t know what they were doing, apart from closing their eyes.

I think I will soon be at the point where I will feel comfortable taking pictures of people even when they know I’m doing it. I still won’t take pictures of people in their destitution or agony though. But slight injuries, or emotional outbursts, are fair game I’d say.

So beware…


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