Good Night, Sleep Tight

At work on Friday we were discussing the bed bug problem in New York City.

“Where did these things even come from?” I asked. “They’re not supposed to be real. They’re just something you tell kids before they go to sleep: Don’t let the bed bugs bite! They’re not supposed to really be there!”

During the Spring, I started to notice more mattresses out on the curb. It’s not odd that people would throw out their mattresses, but lately it’s as if every block has them. This doesn’t help the problem, I’m sure, as now, instead of being confined to one apartment, they are moved to the curb where every sniffing dog or elementary-school-aged kid can transport them to a new apartment.

In fact, it’s such a problem that even I know about it! And what am I doing? I’m setting up a new category of photos called Bed Bugs.

This opportunist’s billboard is the first installment, others will soon follow. Most will be photos of mattresses discarded on the curb for the Sanitation Department to deal with. I already have a few ready to post, including two single beds in front of the building right next door!


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