I wanted to combine this photo with another I took a few days prior, of a pile of broken glass and black rubber gaskets that lay beside this wall. It was there for a couple of weeks, and I passed by it each morning on my walk to work. I wanted to write about how here, a few short blocks from the United Nations, a menacing pile of broken glass lay unattended. So tonight I looked for the photo but I couldn’t find it. I must have deleted it. I guess it wasn’t up to my exacting standards of… photo… something.

Anyway, you can see that the glass is now gone. One morning, as I passed by it for the dozenth time, I decided to call 311 and report it. I dialed and listened to the first minute of recorded messages before hearing the message that said I could make my complaint (they refer to every call as a complaint) by connecting to their web site at nyc.gov/311. I hung up immediately.

That night I connected to the 311 web site. I spent about as much time trying to locate the page to register my “complaint” as I would have on the phone, but at least I wasn’t increasing my chance of developing a brain tumor this way. And I didn’t have to hold my arm up block after block, listening to recorded messages, pressing the phone against my face on the hot, humid morning that it was.

The next morning, it was still there.

The morning after that however, it was gone. They did a very nice job cleaning up too, as you can tell. Not a trace remains of the hazardous mound that defiled my morning walk. It’s like Superman for the 21st century. I’m thinking about calling next to complain about the law in the city charter that requires bond holders to receive their annual interest payments from the city’s budget before any other expense can be paid.

Yes… It’s a bird! It’s a plane!


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