The Brooklyn Bridge Mall

What is behind this corrugated metal on the Brooklyn Bridge, that causes drivers to stare at it and almost hit the car in the next lane, swerving back into their own lane at the last second?

A shopping arcade? After all, people walking or biking across the bridge have no opportunity to buy anything for the entire time they’re up there, and that could be up to thirty minutes!

A quick google search suggests it’s repair work, but mark my words: there will be a Chase ATM up there when those barricades come down.


2 Responses to “The Brooklyn Bridge Mall”

  1. I snapped a few photos of the bridge infrastructure while driving across one time. The level of corrosion caught in one of those pictures made me hesitant to cross the bridge again.

    • I have a few of those too. I just hoped, whenever I saw the corrosion, that it was only on the surface!

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