Hot, Rainless, Summer Days

There are a lot of street repairs going on these days. Lots of stores for rent too. The company I started working for July 1 had Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed against them on July 21. The pizza shop in our neighborhood changed from Moon Pie to Lebrini’s Pizzeria. The slices are smaller now and not as good, but the pies do fit nicely into a revolving, glass display case.


One Response to “Hot, Rainless, Summer Days”

  1. I beg to differ about the pizza, it is way better now, from the quality of the slices to the cleaniness of the place…for the last couple of years the owners of Moon Pie could care less about the place, not spending one penny on it and using the cheapest cheese and flour they could find, it was really run down..I noticed the difference when I walked into the place in July before the name change and they had the AC running! the manager said the new guys fixed the AC right away, it was the first time it ran in 4 years…but anyway I thank God that we finally a decent pizzeria in my niehborhood.

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