Four Wheels Good, Two Wheels Bad

Earlier this month, I heard a story on the radio that a candidate for public office somewhere was warning of the dangers of the “bicycle agenda,” or some such nonsense. I didn’t pay much attention to the story since ridiculous pronouncements by people running for office, especially of the conspiratorial type, are far too common these days, and not worth paying much attention to. Also, I heard it in the context of New York’s recent creation of more bike lanes, which is a trend I support and believe to be irreversible, so I didn’t pay it no never mind.

But today, as I was promoting the communist conspiracy by riding my bike up the East River Park, I came upon this sign, which I guess proves that bicycles truly have taken over. I mean, once kids in red vests are paid by someone else to park your bike for you, you know you’ve arrived!

General Motors’s IPO is meaningless in the face of the great bicycle horde!


2 Responses to “Four Wheels Good, Two Wheels Bad”

  1. do you use the camera I gave you?

    • Yes, sometimes, depending on what I’m shooting. I carry around a small Canon too. That’s what I used for this shot.

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