Everything New Is Old Again

I remember when this McDonald’s first opened. I was working at a place called Stan Goldberg Associates. It was 1986. There was a guy who worked there who had bad teeth. I don’t remember his name. He lived in Chelsea, down the street from the then-recently-opened Joyce Theater. He told me a story of how one night he discovered a cat stuck on the roof of the Joyce. It was a Friday night, just before a performance was about to begin, and he went inside to see if they had a ladder someone could use to get the cat down. As you might imagine, they were not very responsive. I told him his request was ridiculous, he shouldn’t have expected them to go look for a ladder minutes before a performance was about to begin. He didn’t agree. He said he hated the Joyce now and that they were “bad neighbors”. Anyway, he was one of the first customers at this McDonald’s after they opened. I always think of his ridiculous request whenever I pass by this McDonald’s, but never when I pass by the Joyce.

And here I am again in the same area, like a bad penny.


2 Responses to “Everything New Is Old Again”

  1. tell us a story about bedbugs

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