Ground 2.65

I worked in this area back in 2008, at the cusp of the 3rd Great Capitalist Depression. At that time there was a lot of construction going on on Sixth Avenue. Demolition, that is. This empty lot was full of buildings then, that were being torn down to make room for luxury condominiums, hotels, and such. Just to the left of this area, on the same side of Sixth Avenue, was another demolition site. Today, that site is occupied by the Eventi Hotel, and this site remains vacant. The two squat buildings to the right never even got torn down. Maybe they were never slated to be, or maybe the developer lost his funding before being able to raze them.

I used to walk past here on my way to an Indian restaurant I knew on East 32nd Street, or to Macy’s, or to the Greeley Square Post Office. I didn’t carry my camera with me everywhere I went back then, so I don’t have any photos of the many cranes and trucks and bulldozers that used to populate this area. Today they’re gone, rusting away in some abandoned lot in Queens, no doubt.

As with so many other empty lots, this site would make a nice park.


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