A Breach Of Security

The problem with this photo is that in order to zoom in close enough to be able to read this sign, I had to exclude much of the surrounding area, so you are unable to see that behind and to the right of this electric box is the parking lot of The Water Club, a restaurant, and to the left is the pathway beside the river, that you have seen many times on this site. Behind the camera is the 34th Street Heliport.

Now it’s conceivable that the warning refers to “unauthorized” presences around the heliport, but the sign is only visible after leaving the heliport area, walking south. Not even leaving the heliport, but leaving the area around the heliport, which is surrounded by a tall fence, preventing any ingress except at the one entrance at 34th Street. And there are no other signs like it anywhere around the heliport, even at the entrance.

So exactly who is unauthorized to walk down the East River Park? And what breach of security would their presence represent? The sign doesn’t allude to any crime being committed by this interloper, just that their presence constitutes a breach of security. Also, although the sign says that this is a restricted area, there are no restrictions to movement anywhere.

So, that’s it.


2 Responses to “A Breach Of Security”

  1. you could have zoomed the sign as a separate pic and made it an inset of a wider shot.

    • Yeah, I don’t always know when I’m shooting a picture what I’ll do with it. I don’t set these up. Most get deleted when I move them to the computer.

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