The Park Walk

Now that I work on West 30th Street, I have resumed The Park Walk. The Park Walk is the path from home to work that takes me through or past the greatest number of parks that lie between home and work.

The Park Walk is the one I took when I worked at Macy’s, and when I worked at the place whose name will remain unmentioned for now, and back when I walked from Rita’s old apartment to my old apartment. Now I’m walking it again.

The parks I pass through or by are, in order: Tompkins Square Park, Stuyvesant Park, Gramercy Park, and Madison Square Park. I was talking with a friend of mine today, on my way to work, who I was telling about The Park Walk, and he asked me if I passed through Union Square Park. It was the first I had thought about it, and just now shows me that, due to the hypotenuse effect of Broadway, it is 0.11 miles shorter than my current The Park Walk. If I remember, tomorrow I will try the Union Square walk.

So I’ll say something quickly about each park, and be finished with this. Tompkins Square Park: There’s too much to say. I’ll do it piecemeal. Stuyvesant Park: Near where I lived when I first moved to New York in 1983. Gramercy Park: A private park that you need a key to get into. And Madison Square Park is the park I sat in and ate my lunch on the day I moved to New York, on my way from the bus station to the hotel.

Oh yes, something else about Gramercy Park: people from all around the neighborhood take their dogs there to walk them around the periphery of the park, so it stinks at all times of dog urine.


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