No More Christmas For You

[I found this post in the Trash tonight and restored it and am now posting it. It’s from September 2010.]

Who throws away wrapping paper? Only someone who knows s/he will never give another suchlike present. Not even someone throwing away the hoarded belongings of a recently-deceased relative would throw away wrapping paper, unless they already had enough of their own, or knew they would never give another suchlike present.

This past January, I was in the Astor Place K-Mart looking through their xmas merchandise on sale (and taking pictures, of course). The year before I found a package of one hundred To/From labels at Duane Reade (a drug store here in NYC) that was 90% off. I paid 29¢ (plus tax) for 100 tags that cost $2.90 a mere thirty days before. For me, that’s a lifetime’s supply. So since I wasn’t working, I decided one day to spend the time between when I dropped off Owen at school and when I picked him up, at K-Mart looking for cards and decorations for next year.

The thing about the cards is this: only the religious ones are left by the time the sale price is 90% off. What was the Holiday Department buyer even thinking? The secular cards, on the other hand, were all gone. And so were the decorations.

However! I found a package of five rolls of wrapping paper at 90% off. So I got at least three-years’ worth for less than $1.00.

But, back to this photo. Here, on East 17th Street, someone was throwing away five semi-used rolls of xmas wrapping paper, and a broken umbrella.

I was tempted to take it. The wrapping paper, that is. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have enough already, I might have. I can’t say for certain. I had nowhere to put it, and who knows if it was infested with bedbugs or not.


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