4th Street Tables Outside

I started writing this back in August. At that time, I was vacillating on whether or not to continue posting about outdoor tables that were in bad locations.

At first, I wanted to show badly-placed tables, or the places where tables were once badly-placed. I found myself drawn to every group of outside tables I passed, scrutinizing them to see if there was something about them worth documenting. Then I lost interest in the project. For three nights in I August wrote and re-wrote my reasons for abandoning this category, but I was never satisfied with what I had written. Still, I kept it as a Draft.

A recent piece in EVGrieve made me rethink abandoning this thread.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I was walking home from work one afternoon and passed by a place called Bar Breton, on Fifth Avenue. Their tables extended more than half way from the edge of the building to the curb. According to NYC law (which I finally located tonight):

The Commissioner may permit any portion of the sidewalk to be used for a café, provided that a minimum of eight feet zero inches or 50 percent of the sidewalk width, whichever is greater, from the curb to the building line is free of all obstruction and reserved for pedestrian use…

I dialed 311 and reported it. Since then, not once have I seen their tables extending past the half way point on the sidewalk.

I’m pretty sure there isn’t eight feet of sidewalk space in this photograph either. Maybe I should start carrying around a tape measure.


One Response to “4th Street Tables Outside”

  1. Ha! Classic! I love these shots! Keep going!

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