Where Have All The Bedbugs Gone?

Long time passing…

It’s now been a week since I last saw a bedbug mattress! Where have they all gone? Almost overnight, they disappeared!

Do bedbugs hibernate? If so, wouldn’t they hibernate in a mattress? Maybe not.

I wonder if bedbugs and lice are symbiotic? That would bode ill for New Yorkers. But I suppose if they were then they have been since the beginning of their existences as species, and humans have evolved to the point where we are during same period of time, so I guess it doesn’t bode so ill for us. Unless you have both bedbugs and lice.

Maybe slugs are the new bedbugs. That would be gross.

Another reason I need to carry a tape measure with me is that there are times I take pictures of things up close (though not often — see my Flickr profile for more information) and without some sort of reference it’s hard to know if the thing I’m photographing is small, but zoomed-in-on, or large. I can assure you that this slug was large. I don’t know if it’s large for a slug in the wild, but it’s large for a slug on the sidewalk in New York.

Maybe I should start carrying a salt shaker with me too.


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