Storm Damage

It was very windy tonight as I was walking downtown to pick up Owen from after-school. So windy, in fact, that trees were knocked down.

People go on now about the tornado in Park Slope, or the hail in Park Slope, as if Park Slope invented tornadoes and hail.

I was out the night of the tornado — again on my way to pick up Owen. I tell people that I was almost sucked up into the tornado and they roll their eyes, but what does it take to be almost sucked up into a tornado? You don’t have to be holding onto a tree with your legs in the air. It’s enough to be out in the rain and hail, if you ask me. The tornado could easily have touched down in Manhattan. If it touched down in Park Slope, you can be sure it was already forming in Manhattan. And not just anywhere in Manhattan, but in the East Village, where I was being pummeled with rain and hail.

Speaking of tornadoes, there are parts of the introduction to Tannhaüser (starting at 17:34) that sound very much like music from The Wizard of Oz.

Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?


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