Another Pointless Post

This is where I’ve been working these days.

Already I’ve spent about two nights working on this post and I’ve erased everything till this point because it just went nowhere.

I started writing about how this blog is pointless, and compared it to another photo blog, that I don’t like but at least isn’t pointless, then described where I’ve been working these days, mentioned the Parent Association at my son’s school, and finally deleted it all and wrote this synopsis of what I deleted.

Should I say something about this picture?

It was cloudy last Wednesday (Nov. 17) on my way to work from the Parent Association meeting at my son’s school. The clouds were moving quickly so while I went for my camera they moved away from this building and exposed more of it, but by the time I had the camera out they had obscured it again, so I got the photo I wanted.

I have been working in this building these past two weeks. The company I work for does work for a company whose offices are in this building. They needed help with the launch of some new thing that I’m sure I can’t say anything about, and I don’t think you’d be very interested in it anyway.

I can say is that this office is unbelievably quiet. I don’t know if I’ve ever worked in a quieter environment. Maybe I have. Who can say?

One thing about tall buildings is that they sway in the wind. The World Trade Center was the worst: you could feel the floor moving beneath your feet as you walked across the room. On the day of this photo, I didn’t feel the building moving — since I’m not high up it’s a bit more grounded, but it creaked all day long. It sounded like an old wooden ship. It’s kind of annoying after a while.


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