Lost Pins

I was walking down The Bowery last Saturday, late morning. I had just dropped off Owen at his karate class. Usually I take a book over to the union-busting Whole Foods and sit at a table, without buying anything, reading until it’s time to pick him up. Today I couldn’t do that though. Just as we arrived at the building that houses both Whole Foods and the Y where he takes his class, three fire trucks rolled up with sirens blaring and lights flashing. Some firemen made their way inside while others opened hydrants. I took Owen inside and when I came back out they were still there, so I drifted down The Bowery, carrying my book and looking for anything interesting to take a photo of.

Suddenly, there on the ground, a glint caught my eye. I looked closer and saw it: someone had dropped pins on the sidewalk.

Who would be walking down the street with an open container of pins? And how did they manage to drop them? Maybe some kid’s pant cuffs were dragging on the ground and his mother used the pins to hem them up. He was squirming and made her drop the container, spilling some of them.

Only in New York.


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