I Need A Tripod

I was walking home tonight…

First of all, it’s dark when I leave work now. That doesn’t bother me so much — I’ve been through this short-day thing for a few decades now. I’m used to it. What bothers me is that now I have to use the flash on my camera for almost everything I shoot while walking home. I don’t like the way the photo looks with a flash. If I had a tripod, I could avoid having to use the flash, although it brings with it its own set of problems, like being cumbersome to carry around and being difficult to set up on the sidewalk during pedestrian rush hour. Still…

So I was walking home, and I emerged from Madison Square Park onto Madison Avenue, as I do, when I saw it: The Ugly Building, reflecting fully the tower of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Building. Not having a tripod, I selected the Long Shutter setting on the camera and braced it against the fence that surrounds the park. It was the first time I used that setting in the field, and I didn’t know how to adjust the timing (it was set to one second). I’m going to experiment with that in the coming days — I can’t tomorrow night because I have to be downtown by 5:30, so I won’t have time — to see how it differs. I’m sure it’ll just be blurrier, what with no tripod and all. Still, one second seems OK. It’s blurry but it could have been worse.

By the way, work on The Ugly Building has stopped. I noticed it had stopped shortly after my first post. I took a couple more photos and was going to post them with some information about the stoppage, which I assumed was due either to a Stop Work Order or bankruptcy, but I didn’t know the address so I couldn’t look for it on the Department of Buildings web site, and besides, I’m not a reporter. But tonight I found the information so here it is.


2 Responses to “I Need A Tripod”

  1. Great shot! Definitely worth going back with a tripod!

  2. I passed by again last night and took one shot and the lights went off! The Met Life Insurance building lights, that is. I guess someone there is a regular reader of this blog and doesn’t like me publishing photos of their building reflected in The Ugly Building.

    Sort of like Amazon pulling the plug on Assange.

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