Blue Fire Hydrant

What is there to say about a robin’s-egg blue fire hydrant, positioned between a trash can and a stack of mail baskets? It will certainly calm down any frenzied fireman who attaches a hose to it. If he can find it.

So where is this little blue bombshell, you ask? It’s outside Penelope’s, a restaurant on Lexington Avenue and East 30th Street. (This is not a plug (although it is a fire plug!); I’ve never eaten there). The outside trim of the restaurant is painted the same color, and I would guess a good portion of the interior is also.

Speaking of restaurants, my brother- and sister-in-law are opening a restaurant in New Milford, Connecticut this weekend. It’s called Bar Tolo, after her father, Tolo. I can’t go to the opening though, because kids are not allowed. I guess it’s all right. It’s too far to go for dinner anyway, even if it is free.

(You know what I just noticed? That guy’s sweater — above and to the left — is a similar color to the fire hydrant. Maybe that’s Mr. Penelope.)


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