Hay Bale

What is a bale of hay doing on Fifth Avenue, you ask? Who can say? The bigger question is: Why is it being cordoned off?

I promoted my post 100% Human Hair on StumbleUpon last night. After designating it as something safe for people to look at at work, I had to assign it a Subject from a drop-down menu. Very near the top was AIDS, so I chose that. But then I thought no one would stumble onto that, so I scrolled down looking for something like Hair, but before I got to the H’s, there it was: Babes. Perfect! So I filed it under Babes. I’m sure to get some views now, and a bunch of juvenile comments as well.

I’m going to promote these pages on StumbleUpon regularly now. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. Too shy, I suppose.

A weird thing happened to me tonight. I fell asleep on my right arm (my arm was under my head, under the pillow), and when I woke up my arm was completely paralyzed. I had no feeling in it except for the pain and tingling of it being “asleep”. I couldn’t move my arm, I couldn’t move my fingers, nothing. I lifted it, with my elbow still on the bed, and let go and it dropped straight down onto the bed, completely without feeling. It took a minute or so before I could move it again. I was very relieved to discover it wasn’t permanent.



I just saw that I had three viewers from StumbleUpon! See? That was a good idea.


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