Rear Window

I’ve had a sudden burst of…

I started writing that back on October 19, 2012. I have no idea what type of sudden burst I had. I’m sure I thought it was a sudden burst of enthusiasm about writing this blog, but that couldn’t have been it!

Right now, the lens on my camera will not extend. There’s probably dirt or lint inside the camera preventing it. I found a web site that tells how to clean it out without opening the camera, but I’m pretty sure that won’t help. I’m going to have to open it. Hopefully, that won’t be a problem. There’s always the chance, when you start what should be an easy project, that you’ll encounter a problem. Then, as you start to solve that problem, you encounter another. Eventually, you are so far from the original goal that you have no hope of completing it, and you will have pieces of camera and screws and what-not scattered all over, and everything will have to go into a plastic bag so it isn’t lost, and the bag will sit on the counter for days until you move it somewhere else, where it will sit for even more time.

This is why I haven’t tried to fix the toilet either, even though I bought the stuff I need about four months ago. I know as soon as I take the existing apparatus out of the tank, I’m going to discover that I need some sort of tool I don’t have, and I’ll have to go to the hardware store to buy it, and then I’m going to find that I didn’t buy the right replacement part four months ago, and I’ll have to return it, but I don’t have the receipt any more, and by the end of the day, the toilet will still be dismantled and everyone will be screaming at me that they need to pee. But if I call the landlord, they’ll send someone over to fix it and send me a bill! I called them once to come unclog the toilet, and they did, and discovered a glow stick lodged inside, that my son either accidentally flushed, or flushed on purpose. They sent me a bill for $75! I refused to pay it, but they still show it on their records that I owe them this.

Anyway, that’s why I haven’t been taking any photos lately: the camera’s busted.


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