Window Box

I wish whoever put the cardboard box into the dumpster had done a better job of getting it inside. I thought about doing it myself, but I didn’t want to seem to be rummaging through their garbage, lest the super chase me away with a broom!

I like this window box, and I like the reflection in the glass. I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately, after a long time of not taking any. I don’t know what re-inspired me, just as I don’t know what de-inspired me, other than to say that it’s just something that happens. Most of the pictures are from around my neighborhood, for another blog I recently started. There’s every chance that I will merge it with this one eventually — I just need to decide when and how.

Oh, and I finally have a real camera again! One thing I’m very happy to resume is cropping in Photoshop, instead of framing in the lens of the camera. It was a great project, and it probably made me better at framing in the lens, but I’m glad to be back to cropping later. The pictures are much better now, except for the cardboard box.


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