Reflecty Buildings at Astor Place, Part 1

The other day, I took a picture of what I guess is called the Minskoff Equities Office Building at Astor Place. I don’t know if it has another name. The Minskoff web site just calls it by its address: 51 Astor Place.

Anyway, it’s a 12-story, 400,000 square-foot office building situated where the Cooper Union Engineering School used to be. The Engineering School is located in its own new building, down the street a bit. I’ve taken photos of the new Engineering building before, but I don’t think I’ve posted any here. I’ll try to get over there on Monday and shoot it again.

Today, I passed through the area and took another shot, this time from a different angle. The building in the reflection is the former Wanamaker’s Department Store building, that I used to call the DMV building, since it housed the city’s Department of Motor Vehicles when I first moved here. Today, K-Mart rents most of the basement, ground, and 2nd floors. I guess above is offices.

The developer refers to this building as being located in “Midtown South”. It always bodes ill when real estate developers change the name of the area where you live, but the same people who complain today have no problem calling the area “East Village,” itself a relatively new name, coined by real estate developers to distinguish the area as part of the new Greenwich Village, instead of the old Lower East Side.


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